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Welcome to the Deviants Webpage

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"Helios on the Moon"

Full covers for print version of "Helios on the Moon", artwork by Ricardo Sandoval, 2014

Final cover for print version of Hel-Moon, the latest multi-character, full-length novel featuring Jim McPherson's Phantacea Mythos

Artwork on both the front and back covers is by Ricardo Sandoval, 2014; Jim McPherson's back cover text can also be read here and here; the sun-moon kissing on lower back cover, is a shot taken by Jim McPherson during his travels; for more on the two head-like graphics at bottom of back cover, see here; notes on panel background here

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From Comics to Novels

Rollover with 2014 convention price list

Phantacea Revisited graphic novels morph into full length Phantacea Mythos mosaic novels; only the beginnings, middles and endings have changed to protect what really happened

Rhadamanthys Revealed

The never-remembered Smiling Fiend manifests memorably over Diminished Dustmound

Full cover for Cataclysm Catalyst, artwork by Verne Andru, 1980-2013

"Phantacea Revisited #2: Cataclysm Catalyst"

Full cover by Verne Andru, 1980-2013

- Double-click to enlarge -

Internal Artwork Credits

Rollover with Catalyst's artwork credits

Artwork from pH 1-7 as well as Phantacea Phase One #1; samples link from here;

Images in this row double-click here and here; notes on the Kitty Clysm specific backgrounds are here and here

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Phantacea Seven

- Comic Book to Web-Serial -

Unfinished cover for pH7, artwork by Ian Bateson ca 1980

Ian Bateson's unpublished artwork from Phantacea Seven provides the basis for the first full-length phantacea Mythos Mosaic Novel since "Goddess Gambit".

Check out the expanded Availability Listings for places you can order or buy Phantacea Publications in person


Look out below!

Ian Bateson's full cover for Nuclear Dragons, 2013

Cover art by Ian Bateson, 1980/2013

Nuclear Dragons are here!

The second full-length entry in the Launch 1980 story cycle.

Dedicated webpage is here; back cover text can be found here and here; lynx to excerpts from the book start here and ; check out material that didn't make it here and related excerpts from its scheduled follow-up, 2014's "Helios on the Moon", here; its Auctorial Preamble is reprinted here, here and here.

Lynx to ordering the book by credit card are here. To order from the publisher, click here.

Postage is extra. Please be aware that as yet Phantacea Publications can only accept certified cheques or money orders.

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Centauri Island

- Web-Serial to Novel -

Unpublished Phase One cover by Ian Bateson, circa 1988

At long last, the second entry in the Launch 1980 epic fantasy has arrived.

Ian Bateson's breathtaking wraparound cover for the novel utilizes his own dragons from pH-7. Those from the then unfinished cover for the Phantacea Phase One project can be seen here and here.


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Phantacea Revisited #1

B/w first and last pages from DB graphic novel

Check out the expanded Availability Listings for places you can order or buy Phantacea Publications in person

Guess what isn't coming soon any more?

Front and back covers for D-Brig graphic novel, artwork by Ian Bateson, 2012; facial touch-up by Chris Chuckry

Right now, the only way to order hard copies and PDFs of "Phantacea Revisited #1: The Damnation Brigade" by credit card is to go through Drive Thru Comics here.

To order from the publisher, click here.

Postage is extra. Please be aware that as yet Phantacea Publications can only accept certified cheques or money orders.

The Damnation Brigade Graphic Novel

artwork by Ian Bateson and Vince Marchesano

Artwork never seen before in print; almost all of pH-5 available for the first time since 1980

Images in this row double-click to enlarge here

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Goddess Gambit

Samples of Verne Andru's art, applicable to Goddess Gambit

double-click on rollover to open a separate window featuring the full cover of "Goddess Gambit"; red sampler enlarges here

Phantacea Publications is pleased to announce "Goddess Gambit", the third and final book in 'The Thrice-Cursed Godly Glories' trilogy, is available for ordering both online and directly from the publisher

(Please note: Phantacea Publications can only accept cheques and money orders.)

"Janna Fangfingers - Sedon's Purge", can now be ordered as both a trade paperback and as the 4th Phantacea e-book.

With its publication, "The 1000 Days of Disbelief", Book Two of 'The Thrice-Cursed Godly Glories', concludes and, in some respects, the 'Launch 1980' story cycle begins.

Hit here for nearly instant ordering gratification

The Mighty Eye-Mouth in the Sky

Sedonic Eye, image by Ian Bateson, 1986; text and manipulation by Jim McPherson, 2011 by Jim

double-click on Sedonic Eye to enlarge in a separate window; blue, 2012 ad enlarges here
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Covers prepared by Jim McPherson, 20104 covers for 1000 DazeThe Thousand Days of Disbelief

Phantacea Publications is pleased to announce the three mini-novels constituting "The 1000 Days of Disbelief", Book Two of 'The Thrice-Cursed Godly Glories', are available for ordering online by credit card.

Just as happily, "The Death's Head Hellion" and "Contagion Collectors" are available everywhere at $10.00 each. Being longer than its predecessors, "Janna Fangfingers" still goes for the highly reasonable price of $12.00 CAD and USD.

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Samples of Verne Andru's art, applicable to Goddess GambitSedonic Eye, image by Ian Bateson, 1986; text and manipulation by Jim McPherson, 2011 by Jim

"Feeling Theocidal -- Thrygragon, Year of the Dome 4376" (Book One of 'The Thrice-Cursed Godly Glories' trilogy), "The War of the Apocalyptics" (the first full-length entry in the Launch 1980 story cycle), the three mini-novels making up "The 1000 Days of Disbelief" (Book Two of 'The Thrice-Cursed Godly Glories'), "Goddess Gambit" (Book Three of the trilogy and in some respects the second – unless it's the third – entry in the Launch 1980 story sequence) and "Nuclear Dragons" (the second, full-length entry in the Launch 1980 story sequence) should be available at neighbourhood bookstores and public libraries all over the world.

"Janna Fangfingers", the third and final mini-novel comprising 1000-Daze, rather cleverly doubles as a prequel to both Gambit and the Launch 1980 story cycle. In its turn, Endgame-Gambit picks up from where War-Pox leaves off. Part Three of "Nuclear Dragons" connects to both War-Pox and Gambit. Parts One, Two and Four of Nuke also nicely sets up "Helios on the Moon", the last scheduled sequence in the Launch 1980 story cycle.

E-versions of Feel Theo, Hellion, Contagion,Fangers, War-Pox and Gambit are available on the Kindle format exclusively from, and some of amazon's other European and Asian affiliates.

Kindle e-books can be downloaded for I-Pads and I-Phones as well as a number of other devices. Many have text-to-voice capacity for the visually challenged.

Phantacea Publications e-books are also available in a variety of other formats. Please check your favourite online bookstore to download Phantacea Publications e-books to the device of your choice.

If you don't see the novels or mini-novels displayed at your local book stops, kindly direct purchasing agents and/or booksellers to in order to help them rectify such a sad situation.

The cover for War of the Apocalyptics, Ian Bateson, 2009, with a rollover of an alternative cover for the same book prepared by Jim McPherson, 2003 The front cover for Feeling Theocidal, artwork by Verne Andru, 2008, with a rollover collage prepared by Jim McPherson, 2008, for the same book

Hit here to initiate orders directly from and some its affiliates. Books from Phantacea Publications currently available include "Forever & 40 Days — The Genesis of PHANTACEA", "Feeling Theocidal", "The War of the Apocalyptics" the three mini-novels constituting "The 1000 Days of Disbelief" (namely "The Death's Head Hellion", "Contagion Collectors" and "Janna Fangfingers"), "Goddess Gambit" and "Nuclear Dragons".

Kindle versions of "Feeling Theocidal", "The Death's Head Hellion", "Contagion Collectors", "Janna Fangfingers", "The War of the Apocalyptics" and "Goddess Gambit" can be ordered exclusively from, and four of amazon's European affiliates. Check your favourite online sites to order Phantacea Publications e-books in a variety of other formats.

Libraries, bookstores and bookseller collectives can place bulk orders through Ingram Books, Ingram International, Coutts Information (and Library) Services, Baker & Taylor, and a large network of other distributors worldwide.

Some of the Phantacea comics and graphic novels can be ordered through Drive Thru Comics.

Or, if you prefer to order directly from the publisher, email or send your order(s) via surface mail. No matter where you live or what currency you prefer to use, I'll figure out a way to fill your order(s) myself.

Please add an additional 12% to cover Canadian and provincial taxes as well as Canada Post rates for shipping. At present Phantacea Publications can only accept certified cheques or money orders. lists both of the original versions of the mosaic novels: "Feeling Theocidal" and "The War of the Apocalyptics". Also listed therein are most of the other PHANTACEA Mythos print publications.

Another interesting option for the curious is Chegg, which has a rent-a-book program. Thus far its search engine shows no results for phantacea (any style or permutation thereof) but it does recognize Jim McPherson (a variety of them) and the titles of the novels.

As for the Whole Earth (other than the Hidden Continent of Sedon's Head, at least as far as I can say), this page contains a list of a few other websites where you can probably order the novels in a variety of currencies and with credit cards.

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Deviants in Phantacea

This webpage contains a collection of character-suggestive images and excerpts from Feel Theo, its immediate sequel 'The 1000 Days of Disbelief' and/or War-Pox. All are specific to so-called 'deviants', the mortal offspring of 1st, 2nd or 3rd generational devil-gods and the mortals they were possessing when the resultant individuals were conceived

- The Universal Soldier - The Trailblazing Fauna - Quill Tethys - War-Pox's Raven's Head - War-Pox Intro - D-Brig as Deviants - Three Times Tethys - A Forever Febrile Fauna - Bottom of page lynx - More Lynx to Excerpts from the Novels -

- double-click to open a new window with an enlarged image -

Taurus Chrysaor Attis

A variety of images suggestive of Taurus Chrysaor Attis, the Universal Soldier, photos an collage by Jim McPherson, 2008

- recurring at least until Thrygragon;
- aka the Universal Soldier or, less commonly, the Golden Brown Warrior;
- devic half-parents are Thrygragos Varuna Mithras, possessing the Male Entity, and Kore-Eris (Strife or Discord), possessing the Female Entity

Attis appears primarily in "Feeling Theocidal" but is also mentioned in both War-Pox and 1000 Daze; the main lynx re the Attis are here and here; there's also a decent image suggestive of him here whereas another enlargement of the above collage can be found here;

Pusan Wanderlust

Fauns at play, by Tiepolo, as scanned in from a book bought in Venice, 2008

- Chrysaor Attis's recurring deviant daughter, born sometime during the Mad Goddess's Middle Sea Matriarchy of approximately 2000 to 1500 BC on the Outer Earth (2000 to 2500 YD on Sedon's Head);
- her devic half-mother is Amal-Althea, Lazareme's female healer, even though she carries a pedum or shepherd's crook more commonly associated with Goatfish, one of Unmoving Byron's Winter Zodiacals, his Capricorn;
- aka the Traveller or the Between-Space Trailblazer as well as, in 4376 YD, Yeast Tethys's barley bin;

Pusan appears in Feel Theo but, as per main link on this page, plays larger roles in the first two sections of 1000-Daze; there's something of a spoiler note on her here;

Jordan 'Quill' Tethys

Collage containing images suggestive of Jordan Tethys, the legendary 30-Year Man

- evidently recurring well into the Dome's Sixtieth Century;
- also known as the Legendarian, the 30-Year Man and/or, almost as commonly, 30-Beers (on account of the maximum he could drink in one day without going howsoever momentarily crazy);
- reputed devic half-parents are Rumour of Lazareme, whose Brainrock quill follows him from lifetime to lifetime, and Wisdom of Lazareme (Metisophia), who is quoted here;

Jordy is a major character in both Feel Theo and 1000 Daze, which are set many centuries apart; the quotations on this page re him (and her) are mostly from the latter; there is much more on Jordy over in the original PHANTACEA Mythos Online website; the three main lynx are here, here and here

Raven's Head

The Raven Fetishim collage, prepared by Jim McPherson, using pictures mostly taken in Mexcio, 2007

- described in "The War of the Apocalyptics" as below;
- possibly a demon or daemon more so than a deviant;
- possibly both; possibly neither;
- apparent origin of the species (a combination of a conceivably magical unicorn and a pair of mutated ravens) is detailed in the graphic novel, as per here;
- along with Xuthros Hor (the Biblical Noah) appears on the cover of pH 4-Ever & 40 (the image here should be double-clicked for maximum effect)

Appears primarily in War-Pox; however, ravendeer are mentioned in Feel Theo, wherein a deviated creature known as Hinny the Hippy plays an important role throughout; a Raven's Head, could the very first (unless the beast is immortal and Sundown rides the same one Hor did), appears in "Forever & 40 Days - The Genesis of PHANTACEA"

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The War of Apocalyptics

A Mosaic Novel featuring Jim McPherson's PHANTACEA Mythos

| Background Information | The Damnation Brigade |

Nine months after the Simultaneous Summonings of 1920 ended around Easter of that year, dozens of exceptional individuals were born. These were the Summoning Children. A great many of them became supranormals (‘supras’). So did some of their parents, siblings, eventual children, other relations, friends and acquaintances. It was as if the gods and goddesses, the demons and monsters, of antique mythologies everywhere were attempting to make a comeback.

From the late Thirties until the mid Fifties hundreds of self-aware supras were identified. Remarkably, the world as a whole never did learn of their existence. By December 1955 only 12 remained active. Then there were eleven, ten, one and, finally, none. By Boxing Day the world was effectively free of supranormals.

On November 30, 1980 New Century Enterprises launched the Cosmic Express from Centauri Island, a 3-peaked but otherwise largely man-joined set of once volcanic islets off Maui, in the U.S. state of Hawaii. With its 6 detachable cosmicars, its central hub-vessel and its overall command ship, over 60 individuals were on the Express.

Intercepted by a Kamikaze craft mere seconds after its launch, it never made it to Outer Space. Instead, in what appeared to be a devastating explosion, it was thrust elsewhere. Whereupon it broke apart!

One of the cosmicars crashed on Damnation Isle in the Aleutians. On Christmas Day 1955, the last battle of the Secret War of Supranormals was fought there. Devil Wind, a 3-eyed, blue-skinned, conceivable deity riding a whirlwind conjured from his lower body, came out of the sky to investigate the downed space vehicle.

Not just Demon Land awaited him.

Thus begins “The War of the Apocalyptics”, a fantasy novel written by Jim McPherson and published under the PHANTACEA imprint.

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Another collection of images representing the Damnation BrigadeCollage containing images of the Damantion BrigadeThe Damnation Brigade as they first appear in "The War of the Apocalyptics"

| Old-time Supras' Fundamental Precept | Gloriel | Cerebrus | Wildman Dervish Furie | Blind Sundown | OMP | Raven's Head | Wilderwitch | The Untouchable Diver | The Elemental Twins |

- double-click to open a new window with an enlarged image -

The other, mostly earthbound returnees behind him, Wildman Dervish Furie was the first one there. He lifted the smoldering corpse up by its still-glowing topknot. "Doesn't seem to be much left for us lowly types."

"That's twisted, Dervish," the Diver upbraided him. "Even for you that's twisted. Johnny just killed a sentient being. Call us what you will but, Damnation Brigade or no, we don't kill."

... from War-Pox 2: "Advent of the Apocalyptics"
Back to Page Contents - Recommence Section - Onwards

Gloriella D'Angelo Dark

The Goliath golem blew apart. Maelstrom smiled in grim satisfaction. Even though he was perplexed as to where Demon Land acquired his shell if the cosmicar was as empty as it had seemed to be, his work was done.

Fuseli's Spirit done up to look like Glory of the Angels

Then something completely unexpected happened. The stones, pebbles, and dust that had been the Thanatoid coalesced into another being entirely. He caught the unconscious female in his arms before she could fall any farther.

Evidently in her early twenties and dressed in a sheer satin gown, she was beautiful by human standards.

The miracle of Glory of the Angels, as shot in Playa del Carmen 2010 by Jim McPherson

Had white skin, two eyes, and remarkably long, remarkably silver-coloured hair.

Which was what gave her away. Had to be Castella-Day, didn’t it?

... from War-Pox 1: "The Damnation Brigade"

Gloriel as Radiant Rider appears on the wraparound cover of pH-4; the top image is a combination of a Fuseli figure and a photo I took in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, circa 2003; it's of a woman looking at a distant rainbow; the bottom collage is of a rainbow angel; I took it Playa del Carmen, Mexico, in January 2010; more lynx re Gloriel can be found here;

Cerebrus David Ryne

No, one wasn't standing. His feet weren't on the ground; he was levitating. It was this one, a hooded man in a monk’s coarse raiment, who spoke. Spoke straight into his mind.

Image taken from Web and used to represent Cerebrus

"Greetings, Vayu Maelstrom, Devil Wind. I am Cerebrus David Ryne. In honour of both you, devil that you proclaim yourself and devil that you undeniably are, and where we find ourselves, thanks to you wholly ourselves again after a quarter century in Limbo, you may call us:


... from War-Pox 1: "The Damnation Brigade"

The hooded monk was floating in front of him. He lowered his cowl. Cerebrus as he appears in comic booksThe man was not entirely human either. He had a metal plate instead of hair or scalp wired into his skull. A cyborg, a cybernetic organism, possibly a Mantel, this Ryne-son, this latter day Golden Age Horrite as he now realized, was smiling cherubically, unhealthily proud of himself.

The throwback had learned the secret of both Centauri Island and Sedon's Head. And he had done it by playing Maelstrom for a fool.

... from War-Pox 1: "The Damnation Brigade"

The lower image of Cerebrus is from pH-4, artwork by Ian Bateson, 1979; the double click is Verne Andru's opening drawing for pH-3, 1978; the upper image and some more lynx re Cerebrus are from the Serendipity pages, as per here and here

Wildman Dervish Furie

Dervish Furie was akin to a werewolf: hairy, bearded, with a slight snout and pointy ears. Action, danger and doing something about it, empowered him. It also made him very dangerous.

A faun mask reminiscent of Dervish Furie, shot in Antigua Guatemala in 2001 by Jim McPherson

As his codename suggested he was a whirling dervish who, when he worked himself into a fury, became a virtually unstoppable juggernaut of barely under control ferocity.

A hybrid creature, he and his gentlemanly side, Jervis Murray, a black African born to a pair of Godling Guild members nine months after the Guild-specific Summoning of 1920, were not so much mutually exclusive as mutually antagonistic.

A faun mask from Antigua Guatemala by Jim McPherson in 2001

Murray always went about in the most expensive clothing he could afford. And the Crimefighters' paymaster, Loxus Abraham Ryne, Cerebrus’s born-with-the-century father, paid very well indeed. Furie took untoward delight in shredding those fancy duds every time he burst into motion.

Like the rest of them he was wearing what he had been when they were thrust into Limbo a quarter century ago. Which explained why he was dressed in the tatters of a tuxedo, a pair of oxfords, -- both of which were now minus soles --, and a crumpled top hat.

... from War-Pox 2: "Advent of the Apocalyptics"

The Furie-like masks are of fauns; they're built over actual goat skulls; the only place I've ever seen them is Guatemala Antigua, which is where I bought mine; there's link re them here; its double-click features some more masks and bottles along the same lines; the original shot of them is here; the double clicks in this column are of even more faun masks shot in the same place, albeit more than a year later in 2003;

- Recommence Section - Onwards

Blind Sundown

Riding her was an Irache, a red-skinned warrior whose eyes were covered by some kind of bandanna.

A John Sundown type, painting photographed in Merida, Mexico

He had a spear that glowed not just with Brainrock-Gypsium but with the power of the setting sun itself. He fired. Devil Wind ignited; burned; plummeted downwards.

... from War-Pox 1: "The Damnation Brigade"

The above image is of Nachi Cocom, a Mayan hero of the Conquest; the painting is by Fernando Castro Pacheco; it hangs upstairs in Merida's Governor's Palace, across the street from the main square or plaza, kitty corner to the cathedral.

The double-click is of a statue I photographed behind Leighton House in London, England a number of years ago now; stacks of lynx re this enduring character can be found starting here;

Old Man Power

Obadiah Melvin Power (or, as they usually referred to him, Old Man Power, OMP) stepped forward. Power was a near-giant, six foot six and almost as broad as he was wide.

OMP type, statue photographed in Prague, 1996

His horned helmet, with its demonic visage, what he called his Warmask, was strapped to his waistband such that his great Santa Claus beard hung down over his chest. For once not braided, his shaggy salt and pepper hair flowed freely to his shoulder blades.

It was impossible to tell how old he really was and, despite his pinkish skin colouration, impossible to tell where he came from as well. The first time the Society of Saints met him was on August the Sixth, 1945. He and his then mate, Crimson Corona, had just walked out of the A-Bomb blast that levelled Hiroshima but left them unscathed.

Wasting no time he swung his Homeworld Sceptre full-force into the devil. The resultant explosion was titanic. Maelstrom was vaporized on the spot.

"I ...," OMP sucked air, "I never hit anyone so hideous-hard. Never dared. Somehow something just came over me. I willed him daredevil-dead."

The other thing about Power was he tended to fay-say: speak in alliterations and sometimes nonsensical rhymes.

... from War-Pox 2: "Advent of the Apocalyptics"

Wilderwitch and OMP appear in the background on the front cover of pH-5

- Recommence Section - Onwards

Raven's Head

Something came out of the sky. It was the horse-thing with a bird's head, the wings of Mercury on the upper parts of its hooves, and a vestigial horn growing out of its head.

Raven's Head Collage, prepared by Jim McPherson, 2010

Had to be a ravendeer, he finally appreciated. But one immediately recognizable as superior to the dwindling herds of the once majestic specie that were still found in the lower Cattail Peninsula.

... from War-Pox 1: "The Damnation Brigade"

Given, as per here, what happened to Raven's Head on D-Isle in November 1980, I couldn't resist taking this shot in Halifax, Nova Scotia when I was there in late August 2009.

Shot of the Split Crow pub sign, taken by Jim McPherson in Halifax, 2009

A ravenhead, though probably not D-Brig's Raven's Head, appears on the front cover of the graphic novel; ravendeer are mentioned in Feel Theo, wherein a deviated creature known as Hinny the Hippy (a psychopomp that is part ravendeer and part Pegasus) plays an important role throughout.


Altogether solid now, Maelstrom snapped his neck and head into normal alignment. "I am Byronic Nucleoid. I am whirlwind. I am devil. I cannot be killed!"

Wooden plaque with images reminiscent of Wilderwitch, spotted in Montreal, 2000

"Unless you know how." Once again it was Wilderwitch who spoke.

An actual witch, a member of the Antediluvian Sisterhood of Flowery Anthea, there was nothing Halloween Witchie about her. A master illusionist like most Antheans, she could appear to be virtually anyone she pleased.

Right now she pleased to appear as she usually did, an exceedingly attractive gypsy type in her late twenties with a mass of unkempt dark hair that could have been home to any number of bugs and bitty beasties.

Indifferent to the climate, she was wearing a fur, belly-baring chemise and a hide skirt, with moccasins on her feet and a leather pouch strapped by a thong to her belt.

Ordinarily this lack of clothing would make her even more attractive to any male lucky enough to be in the vicinity. In quieter times she was, in fact, Murray’s, though never Furie’s, lover.

Now, though, was not a quieter time. The whirling devil was decidedly unlucky to be in her vicinity.

She materialized a bow and glowing arrow out of her pouch, her bottomless bag. "I may be a life-loving Anthean by both nature and nurture. My flowery sisterhood may have coexisted with your unkind kind since before the Genesea. But, be assured, I’m as much an Athenan War Witch as I am an Ant. I can kill devazurs!"

... from War-Pox 2: "Advent of the Apocalyptics"

Wilderwitch and OMP appear in the background on the front cover of pH-5

The Untouchable Diver

Yehudi Cohen, to use his given name, was one of five Summoning Children in their number; that is to say, like the wildman, Blind Sundown and the Elemental Twins, he was one of those born some nine months after the Summoning of 1920 ended on that year’s Easter Sunday.

A wooden diver, spotted near Manuel Antonios National Park in Costa Rica, 2009

He had been with KOC, the King's Own Crimefighters, -- which is what most of them were calling themselves prior to Cerebrus arbitrarily deciding to change their name to the Damnation Brigade about five minutes ago --, and its predecessor group, SOS, the Society of Saints, on and off since shortly after supranormals, or supras, as they commonly thought of themselves, first became active during an Alliance of Man’s Assembly of Man in Rome, Italy, back in January 1938.

The Untouchable Diver wears Gorgon goggles

He was codenamed the Untouchable Diver not just because its initials sounded like Yehudi. It was also because that was what he could do: alter his bodily constituents such that he could become untouchable and dive into the earth as easily as he could water. Whereupon he could soil-swim as easily as he could dot-ditto. Could also become supra-dense and similarly alter the constituency of anyone with whom he was in direct contact.

From head to toe, except for scarlet goggles and the tar he smeared on his bared facial skin and arms, he wore a wetsuit. Story was if he ever removed it he would atomize on the spot. It was just a story, though. After his encounter with a boulder of Brainrock beneath Hamburg Harbour soon after he returned from Rome, still a Norman Normalman as far as he knew, he had never found a way to remove it.

... from War-Pox 2: "Advent of the Apocalyptics"

The Elemental Twins

'Look at them,' he [Devil Wind] mentally transmitted to their apparent leader.

Old graphic that reads Sea Goddess'

'So startled by their own good fortune. He, the beautiful Adonis with his cloud-white hair, proud jaw, determined stare.'

The devil was referring to Airealist, Aires D’Angelo, who wore the same circus outfit he was wearing when he was thrust into Limbo by Saul “Psycho” Ryne all those years ago.

Aires' Aerod

It consisted of a skin-tight, sky-blue acrobat's outfit, folded-flap leather boots, ostentatious gold belt and an even more ostentatious white cape.

'Who does he think he is, my brother in Byron Damon Goldenrod or, as outsiders called him, Phoebus Apollo?

'And she, this obvious twin of his, every bit his watery counterpart.

Sea Goddess's Water Wand

'With her sea shells instead of eyebrows, her braided, foam-white hair, her garlands of seaweeds, her jellyfish membrane of a dress, so brazen in her near-nudity.

'Don't you realize their skin is almost as blue as the sea, as blue as the sky, as blue as mine?'

... from War-Pox 1: "The Damnation Brigade"

As per the double-click on the first image, Sea Goddess appears on the back cover of pH-3; an enlargement of the bottom image in this column can be found by double-clicking the same image here;

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Trebly Troubled Tethys

The Legendarian in three different timelines

(as taken primarily from "The 1000 Days of Disbelief")

| 4824 YD | 5456 - Quidnunc | 5456 - Quit-Quill | 5476 YD - Sang Jordy | 5980 YD |

4824: 30-Beers doesn't make it to 30 years yet again

Awakening to the sound of a door opening and closing, he scratched his stubble. Manfully ignoring the almighty itching of the, to some, telltale scar in the lower part of his forehead as he did so, he stretched languorously. Propping himself up he looked toward the bathroom doorway tent-pole-expectantly.Hieronynmous Bosch's Outer Wings of the "Haywain" triptych, scanned in from the Web

He envisioned Morgan ‘Q for Aquatic’ Abyss sloshing into their lately shared bedroom atop Cabalarkon City’s ages-old Masters Palace. Being partially an amphibious Melusine, a form of Piscine, who hailed from the southern Head, she’d be fresh from her morning immersion. At the hopefully bare minimum, she’d be naked.

He’d looked toward the wrong doorway.

By the time he’d readjusted his sight lines it was too late to conjure his quill, eject its splotch pad, and thence dot-draw himself to safety. This was entirely due to the fact that, much to his terminally abbreviated shock and ever-after-abiding shakes, instead of his maybe daughter, the then-current Master of the Weirdom of Cabalarkon, he beheld his likely great-grandfather, arguably the Devil Himself, striding towards him third eye already flaring angrily.

At least Dark Sedon, as always bloody red-skinned, hadn’t manifested his preposterous pitchfork. That would have made for a truly holey as well as unholy death.

... from "The 1000 Days of Disbelief"


5456: The Pre-Quill Quidnunc

Jordan Q Tethys was a half-black who looked all black. These days that might mean he had Utopian relatives. Just as likely it might not. In contrast to his ever-wayward father, who wasn’t the black forbearer, he did not have a scar in the lower part of his forehead. Nor did his middle initial stand for ‘Quill’. If the woman who was his black forbearer could be believed, it stood for ‘Quidnunc’.

‘That’s your father’s idea of a joke,’ she often told him while he was growing up in southwestern Marutia, Sedon’s Cheek Land.

A quidnunc was a busybody. Then again in Marutia a jordan, small case, was a chamber pot. While it might be argued that one was no better than the other, there were hundreds of Jordans, upper and lower case, in Sedon’s Cheek. By comparison, as far as he’d heard anyhow, he was the only Quidnunc, capitalized. Since neither name appealed to him, he came to prefer Quid.

... from "The 1000 Days of Disbelief"

5456: Quill meets a Quit-Quill

“It’s about time you came to, Quill,” said the Jordan sitting beside the bed in Kanin City’s ancient, yet kept sparkling clean, hospital. Collage containing images suggestive of Jordan Tethys, the legendary 30-Year Man

“A Quit-Quill,” marvelled the Jordan lying in the bed. A young, extremely fit-looking fellow, he had a scar – which he never had before – in the lower part of his forehead, about where his eyebrows would have met if they'd kept growing.

“Congratulations,” he said to the other Jordan, the one in the chair. “Um, … grandson, wasn’t it?”

“Grandson it was, granddad, though my notes indicate we aren't that rare.” Bodily nearing sixty, but looking older, the speaker was so flushed, podgy and thoroughly out of shape a casual observer might have wondered why he wasn’t in the bed.

“Notes? Oh, right. I’ve all your memories.”

“Only those of your pre-me incarnations. I can recall most of mine, and that includes pre- and post-you. Still a bit fuzzy, I see.”

... from "The 1000 Days of Disbelief"

5476: Third Time Dead (but still Drinking)

Hieronymous Bosch's "The Wayfarer", scanned in from the Web“Regardless of his or her name, every Legendarian eventually has to die twice. The first time he or she dies, he or she acquires our Jordy, who’s almost always one of their progenitors from within a generation or two. Their second death, if he or she hasn't outlived his or her thirty years of having him, he or she loses our Jordy forevermore on account of he or she’s dead forevermore.

“The purest puzzlement is how someone can kill a Jordy psychically, yet not physically? Readily resolved, eh?”

“He or she’s not dead in the sense of not moving about anymore. I was wondering why you brought up Sangs.”

“Wonder no longer. When Sangazurs reanimate the drearily departed they preserve an individual’s persona. Evidently when a Sang reanimates a Jordy, after the body’s second death, they in effect reactivate the body’s original personality.”

“So the trap being laid is for his killer.”

... Pusan Wanderlust speaking with Lightning Lord Yajur, from "The 1000 Days of Disbelief"


5980: Tethys Telling Tales Still (Unless he's reading them off tee-tee tails of course)

"Lousy weather, Alpha?" segued Tethys. "You should have been around five hundred years ago. That wasn't just lousy weather. That was lousy life! Great time to be dead, though."

A hardened man evidently, if not actually, not even bodily, in his forties, the Legendarian wore a scruffy, checked jacket, an oft-repaired, though seldom cleaned and therefore not-quite-white-anymore, woollen sweater with an open-necked tee-shirt underneath it, blue jeans, socks and sandals. On his head was a peaked, tweed cap pin-cushioned with feathers. His face was lined, particularly around the mouth, the eyes and his forehead. He was Caucasian but his skin was richly tanned, like old parchment.

Tethys was a street person. He liked it out there; slept under cardboard boxes and, indeed, spent most of his time outdoors. He had a scar, which he never talked about, in the lower part of his forehead, just about where his eyebrows would have met if they'd kept growing. It looked more like an incision whose scab had never quite healed over than anything else.

Multicoloured strands reminiscent of knotted rat-tails wormed out from underneath his cap. As Centauri knew, they were the severed tails of tee-tees, a rodent with daemonic antecedents that was indigenous to the subcontinent of Godbad and far to its north, up and down the coast of Fearsome Fobbiat, the Headworld’s western ocean. Tethys could read their Braille-like nodes, ridges, gaps and depressions; could weave tales out of tee-tee tails.

Although, even if he was so inclined, Centauri was in no position to make an issue out of it, Jordan Tethys may indeed once have been a devil. No one ever mentioned this around him because he would just deny it and point to his forehead as proof. He had no third eye. Of course, considering devils were shape-shifters, that was hardly conclusive proof he wasn’t one.

... from "The 1000 Days of Disbelief"

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Pusan Wanderlust

The Trailblazing Fauna throughout the Ages

| Mithramas Eve 4376 | Mithramas Morning 4376 | Thy name still be Goat (in 5476) | A sizzling sample of how silly she sometimes speaks |

- double-click to open a new window with an enlarged image of the Giandomenico Tiepolo frescoes, from Ca' Rezzonico, Venice, as reproduced in this section -

Mithramas Eve, Tantalar 4376

Tiepolo, fauns frolickLackland Lazareme, Thrygragos Everyman, entered as a tall, almost elfin, blue-skinned, golden-haired faerie fart. Quite the coterie accompanied him. Significantly, the lone non-devil with them was the remarkably recurring fauna, Pusan Wanderlust, Attis’s similarly deviated half-daughter by just as goatish Amal-Althea, Lazareme’s polyamorous as well as polyandrous, female healer.

As per usual when she was in the vicinity, an approaching irresistible urge to experiment with not only your own reproductive organs overrode the inhibitions of nearly everyone there. Before long Abe Chaos was in Steg-mode while his brother Unity, Lord Order, instead of the Rajput type he’d been appearing as lately, was in satyr-mode.

... from "Feeling Theocidal"

Mithramas Morning, Tantalar 4376

Diddling done for the nonce, he [Yeast Tethys] strolled into [Mother] Hopi’s 90% empty booze-tent arm-in-arm with his barley bin, as she’d referred to herself more than a few times during the multiparty, polyamorous orgy she instigated after last night’s bash. She was a fauna, a female faun or satyr. Fauna absconded with by a centaur, Tiepolo artwork spotted in Venice, 2008She loved doing what fauns did best; namely loving.

Her name was Pusan Wanderlust. If it weren't for the existence of the Attis [her non-devic half-father] and the Legendarian she’d be the most famous deviant still around.

Stegs had wicked, piton-spiked tails. Saudi Tethys swatted Yeast Tethys with hers big-time, endgame-time. Pusan had a Tvasitar Talisman of her own, a shepherd’s crooked staff. She was also known as the Trailblazer. Trails weren't all she blazed. Saudi, on her Terror Donna, fled between-space. Both were blazing.

... from "Feeling Theocidal"

The Dinq, Doinq, Danq Cavern Tavern, Antheal 5476

Next to the legendary 30-Year Man, Pusan was the most renowned and, in reality, only other, still extant deviant known to recur with any regularity. Like Jordy, she came back in her own offspring, or their offspring, just as they were expiring or just after they’d expired. Also like 30-Beers, she always came back with a devic power focus. Hers wasn’t a quill, though; it was a shepherd’s pedum, crook or crosier.

Very much unlike him, however, she invariably came back as a woman as well as a fauna, a female faun. Since she couldn’t shift shapes – besides visually, like most witches and almost any moderately gifted illusionist could – it was in that form, he as a male faun or satyr, that Sparky and her came together as lovers physically.

shot of Teipolo fresco, taken by Jim McPherson, 2008 As the saying went, particularly with respect to her, Pusan was more bare than barely dressed. All she had on was a thin, delicately woven slip of lamb’s wool that, while it did cover everything modesty generally recommended covering, including her protrusive breasts, goat’s tail and hind legs, from the looks of it the garment didn’t cover anything very warmly.

For a woman – and she was every bit a woman – she was awfully hairy. However, other than on her head, from whence it flowed long and fiery freely, it was more akin to pinkish silk or ginger gossamer than even faintly furry. Her slender goatee was only perceptible up close and her horns were stunted, even dainty. There was nothing of the barnyard about her scent. There was a great deal of the bordello about it. She positively oozed pheromones. Sinistral Lust’s lesser-born lackeys smelled like her. Enticing, thy name be Pusan.

In terms iconographic her pedum of a power focus suggested guardianship, à la the fairy godmother of not just rustic superstitions the world over. Evidently she was a big fan of iconography since she often took protective tasks upon herself as a form of perceived obligation. At times she did it so zealously she contributed to her own endgame for that recurrence.

Fauns were no more daemonic or fairy types than garudas, centaurs or elves. None of them could shift shapes naturally but, like the Legendarian, who could draw himself into different sexes, sizes, shapes and even species, most had learned an assortment of sometimes wildly diverse techniques that made it seem as if they were capable of metamorphism. They probably were products of Old Eden’s cruel, millennium and a half pre-Flood-discredited, scientific experiments into the bits and bricks of life, though.

When they weren't calling her ‘Goat’ – because she was decidedly goatish – most of those who knew her called her the ‘Trailblazer’. They did so because one of her more useful, non-knackering talents was trailing, tracking or just plain following folks through the Weird, the dark grey, universal substance of Samsara.

That made her a self-psychopomp, the same as many another exotic species, skyborn or Cathonic devils being only one of them. While that no more made her an earthborn or chthonic creature than it did a devic suicide – one who nevertheless retained their subtle matter, daemonic bodies until they were destroyed – her crook originally must have belonged to a devic deity.
... from "The 1000 Days of Disbelief"

The Dinq, Doinq, Danq Cavern Tavern, Antheal 5476

“And who might he be?” Sparky demanded.

“You call me ‘Goat’. Goats are ruminants, on that we can regurgitate confluence if not flatulence. That said, after you bake the poser, but before you start to chew the confounded, you’ll probably want to salt and pepper the perplexity. I did. Then I spewed and chewed on it some more. That’s what makes us ruminants. We ruminate; we re-chew anew our spew.

“Finally I swallowed it, whereupon I burped and farted both. Methane thus dispensed, what also came out so resembled palpable I’m disgusted it hadn’t occurred to me already.”

“It being – besides revolting – what?”

... a sample of dialogue between Sparky and Pusan Wanderlust, from "The 1000 Days of Disbelief"


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